This little boy is one of the MOST adorable, sweetest, caring little boys EVER! His name Is Joseph, he’s 9 and he’s my step son. He has down’s syndrome. These picture were taken in April it was my first time ever meeting him, I had talked with him on the phone (me talking the most of course) before. Meeting him was absolutely amazing! As soon as I walked in the door we danced for 10 minutes, he wouldn’t leave my side that day. It was super cute. I cant wait to go down there to see him again. A bottle with rocks or beads inside makes him the happiest he loves the noise lol we made about 3 and game them to him.

Although i have medical experience , so his mom can feel comfortable I let her “teach” me how to give him his medicine. Hoping that one day she will feel comfortable enough to let him and his sister come down to visit us next.

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